ST Microelectronics offers a complete tool line, tailored to the STEVAL-ILL009V3 Series OSTAR Projection Module.

This board should be connected through the 30-pin connector to the STEVAL-ILL009V1 control board to be able
to show the light effect with the board. The OSTAR projection module,used as light source, has a maximum forward current 700 mA. The NTC resistor is directly assembled on the OSTAR module. As the power of the module is above 10 W the heatsink had to be designed in order to keep the temperature in range. The biggest
advantage of the OSTAR module is that red, green and blue LEDs are in the same package, very closely assembled and therefore color effect is better than with three separate LEDs.

Features :

  • Different LEDs as a load can be used (additional boards connected through 30 pin connector)
  • 8 LEDs with 350 mA can be driven (e.g. Golden DRAGON module - STEVALILL009V4)
  • 4 LEDs with 700 mA can be driven (e.g. OSTAR module - STEVAL-ILL009V3)
  • LED over temperature protection using STLM20 or NTC resistor
  • LED temperature limit set by software
  • 3 A at 4 V DC/DC converter using L4973D3.3 for user friendly input (8 - 30 V)
  • Color regulation (manual / auto)
  • Brightness PWM regulation with 64 levels using OE pin (dimming all LEDs)
  • Red, Green, Blue individual tuning
  • White color preset mode
  • LED frequency = 100 Hz
  • 64 levels of brightness for each LED with software color control
  • 262144 color variations (64 x 64 x 64)
  • SW startup implemented (200 ms)
  • Over voltage protection implemented using clamp Schottky diodes (BAT46)
  • 6 different light MODES available
  • Input over voltage protection done by Transil (SMAJ33A)
  • Over temperature signalization
  • ICC connector for SW evaluation and change

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Mfr Part#: STEVAL-ILL009V3
Available In: BULK

STEVAL-ILL009V3 Series OSTAR Projection Module

Technical Specifications:

Type: Core Supported:
LED Driver Evaluation STP04CM05
See the Download Center for a complete library of supporting documentation.


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