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White LEDs are gaining popularity as sources of illumination due to their high efficiency and reliability. Typical forward voltage drop across a white LED is approximately 3.5 V. When these LEDs are powered from a single or two cell batteries, a boost converter is needed to boost the voltage to drive the LEDs. This evaluation board, based on the L6920DA, implements a high efficiency step-up converter which requires very few passive components to perform the conversion from the battery voltage to the selected output voltage or current. Startup is guaranteed at 1 V and the device operates down to 0.6 V. The device has a very low quiescent current of only 10 μA. An internal synchronous rectifier is implemented with a 120 mΩ P-channel MOSFET, replacing the conventional boost diode, to improve efficiency. This also could reduce the cost of the application since no external diode required.


  • High efficiency step-up converter
  • Powered from two cell batteries
  • Output voltage Vout = 3.5 V
  • Minimum operating input voltage Vin = 1 V

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Mfr Part#: STEVAL-ILL008V1
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LED Flashlight Evaluation Board Based on the L6920DA

Technical Specifications:

Type: Core Supported:
LED Driver Evaluation L6920
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