The STEVAL-TLL005V1 is a power flash demonstration board based on STCF03 high power white LED driver and the ST7 8-bit microcontroller. The STCF03 is a high efficiency power supply solution to drive a single flash LED in camera phones, PDAs and other hand-held devices.

It operates as a buck-boost converter to guarantee proper LED current control in all possible battery voltage and output voltage conditions. All functions of the device are controlled through an I2C interface via the ST7 microcontroller.


  • Flash mode - Perform the following steps to run flash mode:
    • Insert the flash command by pressing the "add/insert flash" button on the GUI. Flash time and flash current should be configured beforehand
    • Set the trigger pin to high by pressing the "Add/Insert Set TRIG HIGH" button on
      the GUI
    • Insert the flash delay by pressing the "Add/Insert Wait time" button on the GUI. The delay is configured by typing a value in the wait time edit window. The time unit is milliseconds.
    • Set the trigger pin to low to switch off the flash by pressing the "Add/Insert Set
      TRIG LOW" button on the GUI
    • After the sequence is complete, press the "Run sequence" button on the GUI

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Mfr Part#: STEVAL-TLL005V1
Available In: BULK

Power Flash Evaluation Board Based on STCF03 and ST7 MCU


Technical Specifications:

Type: Core Supported:
LED Driver Evaluation STCF03
See the Download Center for a complete library of supporting documentation.


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