ST Microelectronics offers a complete tool line, tailored to the  STEVAL-CBP002V1 STFPC320 VFD BOARD - VFD DISPLAY CONTROLLER WITH POWER MANAGEMENT, REAL TIME CLO.

This is a demonstration board based on the STFPC320 which consists of the front panel controller STFPC320 and microcontroller ST72F325 as I2C master. The basic idea is to develop a front panel for a DVD recorder which is very close to the available solutions in the market. The objective of this demonstration board is to
display the capabilities of ST's front panel controller/driver STFPC320 to fit the market segment for front panels of DVD players, DVD recorders, VCRs, home theater systems with clock feature, HTiB (home theater in a box), personal video recorders (PVRs), set-top boxes and other applications that require a compact, integrated solution, while keeping system cost as low as possible. The design focus of this system is on 2 key areas: a standby management feature for low power consumption and an embedded realtime clock in the STFPC320 for auto wake-up and setting the recording start and end time.

Features :

  • 16-segment, 11-digit customized VFD for DVD recorder
  • 14 front panel keys
  • 4 LEDs (red for standby, yellow for schedule, blue for IR and green for mute)
  • 1 IR sensor for remote control operation
  • Buzzer on the board for mute feature demonstration
  • RTC (real-time clock) to set the timer and alarm for wakeup
  • On-board I2C EEPROM for time logging for automatic operations
  • Power supply connector for four power supplies (3.3 V, 12 V, -30 V and GND)
  • Standby management for low power operation
  • Auto wakeup feature from system standby
  • Embedded in-circuit programming capability

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Mfr Part#: STEVAL-CBP002V1
Available In: BULK

Demo Board - VFD Display Controller w/ Power Management RTC Using STFPC320

Technical Specifications:

Type: Core Supported:
LED Driver Evaluation STFPC320
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