The HSSLS-CALBL-013 is a heat sink that can be used as a passive solution or with a Nuventix SynJet® ZFlow 100 LED Downlight Cooler. This heat sink has been developed by Nuventix for cooling the Osram PrevaLED lighting module.


Key Features:

•Perfect for 140mm diameter applications

•Enables over 2000 lumens of light output


Compatible Nuventix SynJet Downlight Coolers:

•SSSLS-CM005-008 – SynJet ZFlow 100, Level Select, 5V DC input

•SSSLS-CM005-009 – SynJet ZFlow 100, PWM, 5V DC input

•SSSLS-CM012-017 – SynJet ZFlow 100, Level Select 12V DC input

•SSSLS-CM012-018 – SynJet ZFlow 100, PWM, 12V DC input


All Nuventix SynJets require a wire harness connector:

•150mm Length: WALLS-C4150-001

•600mm Length: WALLS-C4600-001

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Mfr Part#: HSSLS-CALBL-013
Available In: BOX

HSSLS Series SynJet Universal Rectangular Lexel LED Downlighter Module Heatsink


Technical Specifications:

Thermal Resistance: Material: Dimension:
1.2 °C/W Aluminum Ø 13.75 x 46.8 mm
See the Download Center for a complete library of supporting documentation.


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