Thermal solutions cover a wide range of applications and devices and employ a variety of unique technologies. Start your heat sink search by finding either the device or application you need to cool or the product line you wish to use to cool it.

Heatsinks should be designed to have a large surface this can be reached by using a large amount of fine fins, or by increasing the size of the heatsink itself.Heatsinks must be designed in a way that air can easily and quickly float through the cooler, and reach all cooling fins,Large cooling fins are pointless if the heat can't reach them, so the heatsink must be designed to allow good thermal transfer from the heat source to the fins. Thicker fins have better thermal conductivity.

Extruded Heat Sinks provide a greater range of natural convection solutions for higher power components and systems. Complex fin structures can be created by forcing raw aluminum through an extrusion die.
These complex fin profiles allow greater heat dissipation through increased surface area while eliminating the cost and time associated with machining an equivalent shape from block aluminum.


  • Thermal Resistance °C/W at 3in length of 14.25.
  • It Compraises a Width of 0.74 in.
  • Height of 0.24 in.
  • Surface Area of 4.9 in2/in.
  • Weight about 0.10 lb/ft.


  • More efficient than stamped heat sinks.
  • Lower cost than fully machined assemblies.
  • Many standard shapes and sizes assure availability.
  • Easily customized for any application.
  • Significant weight advantage over copper.
  • MAX CLIP® system eliminates mounting hardware and tools.

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Mfr Part#: 619953B05906G
Available In: BULK

61995 Series 14.25 °C/W Thermal Resistance 18.9 x 6.10 mm Heatsink


Technical Specifications:

Thermal Resistance: Material: Dimension:
14.25 °C/W Black Anodized 18.9 x 6.10 mm
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