The 3-520107-2 Ultra-Fast Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacle and Tab offers the advantage of  completely protected terminal and a wire crimp with comparable electromechanical performance to open barrel “F” crimp FASTON Terminals. The “User-Friendly” design combines easy mating with rounded corners. The .187 and .250 series receptacles incorporate a two-stage roll configuration and a cantilever mounted dimple which provides easy insertion and multiple independent points of contact for reduced tab interface resistance. Ultra-Fast Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles, Flag Receptacles and Tabs preclude the need for costly electrical safety interlocks or special protective shields to help prevent shock hazards. In addition, electrical short circuits from exposed leads are eliminated, even in equipment requiring close contact spacing.

The Ultra-Fast FASTON Receptacle, Flag Receptacle and Tab are preinsulated assemblies featuring a housing molded from type 6/6 nylon material with a +130°C UL temperature rating. The Ultra-Fast FASTON Receptacle housing completely encloses a tinplated copper alloy Premier FASTON receptacle which has been stress-relieved for increased durability and resistance to abuse. The FASTON receptacle is recessed sufficiently within the housing to allow its use in 600-volt applications. The receptacle portion of the terminal is designed for positive mating with a variety of tabs, including those with shoulders. The housing has a slotted membrane which is displaced by two tab shoulders allowing proper engagement of tab and receptacle while maintaining the fully insulated characteristic. Positive entry and lead-in of the tab is provided by the inner housing wall and the lead-in on the terminal rolls. This permits positive engagement, even in blind mating locations.


  • Terminal Type = Tab
  • Proprietary Name = Ultra-Fast
  • Mating Area Interface Dimensions (mm [in]) = 6.35 x 0.81 [.250 x .032]
  • Material = Brass
  • Insulation Diameter (mm [in]) = 4.06 [.160] Max.
  • Insulation Support = Non-Insulation Support
  • Finish = Tin
  • Wire/Cable Type = Regular Wire
  • Mount Angle = Straight
  • Wire Range (mm [AWG]) = 1.25-2.00² [16-14]
  • Tab Type = Wire Crimp
  • Fully Insulated = Fully Insulated
  • RoHS/ELV Compliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
  • Lead Free Solder Processes = Not relevant for lead free process
  • RoHS/ELV Compliance History = Always was RoHS compliant



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Mfr Part#: 3-520107-2
Available In: BAG

Ultra Fast 16-14 AWG Straight Fully Insulated Receptacle Assembly


Technical Specifications:

Size: Style: Type: Wire Gauge: Color: Contact Material: Contact Plating: Gender: Operating Temp Range: Voltage Rating:
Tab 0.250" x 0.032" Fully Insulated Tab AWG 16-14 Blue Brass Tin Male 105 °C 600 V
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