The 9159 series of Board-to-Board interconnect system allows two PCB's to be mated end-to-end creating strips of LED lighting. Designed specifically for the unique Solid State Lighting (SSL) market requiring coplanar (horizontal-to-horizontal) PCB mating with a 5 Amp current rating in the smallest package available. These single sided SMT connectors are perfect for both FR4 and metal boards where you need to butt the boards up together to minimize separation. Availably of both white and black insulation colors make them perfect for lighting as well as industrial applications. With sizes from 2p-6p, these high reliability connectors boast gold plated beryllium copper receptacle contacts for harsh environments.

Additional components in the 9159 product family include:

  • SSL - Cabled Plug; Supports wire-to-board applications (11-9159)
  • SSL - Horizontal Socket; Standard 2-Piece solution (20-9159)
  • SSL - Top Load Socket; ZIF style for field reparability (22-9159)
  • SSL - Shorting Socket; Two position (58-9159)
  • SSL - Retaining Clip; Latches BTB connectors together (80-9159)


  • Coplanar PCB mating in SSL products
  • LED linear lighting strips
  • Application Notes; refer to 201-01-123


  • Single sided SMT; supports FR4 and metal PCB’s
  • 5 Amp current rating; exceeds general market needs
  • 5.5mm mated width; minimizes PCB space to decrease LED pitch
  • Gold plated BeCu spring contacts; reliability for harsh environments
  • Optional retaining clip; provides positive connector mating during vibration
  • Available in white; supports SSL market preferences

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Mfr Part#: 119159003101116
Available In: Cut Tape

9159 Series 3 mm Wire to Board Free Hanging Plug Solder Cable Plug


Technical Specifications:

Type: Style/Orientation: No of Positions: Pitch: Termination:
Wire to Board Free Hanging Header/Plug 3 3 mm Solder
See the Download Center for a complete library of supporting documentation.


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