The AL9910A high voltage PWM LED driver-controller provides an efficient solution for offline high brightness LED lamps from rectified line voltages ranging from 85VAC up to 277VAC. The AL9910A drives external MOSFETs at switching frequencies up to 300kHz, with the switching frequency determined by a single resistor. The AL9910A topology creates a constant current through the LEDs providing constant light output. The output current is programmed by one external resistor and is ultimately determined by the external MOSFET chosen and therefore allows many low current LEDs to be driven as well as a few high current LEDs. It has operating temperature ranging from –40°C to +85°C,it comes in SO-8EP package.

The AL9910A provides a simple cost effective solution for offline LED lamps.


  • -40 to 85ºC temperature range
  • >90% Efficiency
  • Universal rectified 85 to 277VAC input range
  • Input voltage surge ratings up to 500V
  • PWM Low-Frequency Dimming via Enable pin
  • 10V MOSFET drive – AL9910A
  • Internal Thermal Protection (OTP)


  • Fluorescent (T8) tube replacements
  • LED signage
  • Offline AC/DC LED Lamps
  • 20mA-1000mA LED currents

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Mfr Part#: AL9910ASP-13
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Package Style: SOIC-8EP
Available In: REEL

AL9910 Series 10 V 100 kHz Universal Offline High Voltage LED Driver - SOIC-8EP


Technical Specifications:

Supply Voltage: Output Current per Channel: Output Voltage: Switching Frequency-Max:
0 to 500 V 190 mA 10 V 100 kHz
See the Download Center for a complete library of supporting documentation.


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