The SSL4101T/1,518 GreenChip III+ is the third generation of green Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller ICs. The SSL4101T combines a controller for Power Factor Correction (PFC) and a flyback controller. Its high level of integration allows the design of a cost-effective LED lighting application power supply with a very low number of external components.

The SSL4101T is a MultiChip Module, (MCM), containing two chips. The proprietary high voltage BCD800 process which makes direct start-up possible from the rectified universal mains voltage in an effective and green way. The second low voltage SiIlicon On Insulator (SIO) is used for accurate, high speed protection functions and control.The special built-in green functions provide high efficiency at all power levels. This applies to quasi-resonant operation at high power levels, quasi-resonant operation with valley skipping, as well as to reduced frequency operation at lower power levels. At low power levels, the PFC switches off to maintain high efficiency.


  • Integrated PFC and flyback controller
  • True universal mains supply operation: 70 V (AC) to 305 V (AC)
  • High level of integration, resulting in a very low external component count and a cost-effective design
  • On-chip start-up current source
  • Valley/zero voltage switching for minimum switching losses (NXP Semiconductors patented)
  • Frequency limitation to reduce switching losses
  • PFC is switched off when a low load is detected at the flyback output


  • The device can be used in all LED lighting applications that require:
    • A very efficient Low THD
    • High PF
    • True universal input voltage
    • Cost-effective power supply solution between 10 W and 300 W

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Mfr Part#: SSL4101T/1,518
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Package Style: SOIC-16
Available In: Cut Tape

SSL4101T Series 38 V 10 % Duty Cycle Switch Mode Power Supply Controller-SOIC-16


Technical Specifications:

Duty Cycle-Max: Operating Temp Range:
10 % -40 to +150 °C
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