The LUXEON® Rebel, by Philips Lumileds, is the smallest surface mountable power LED available today. With the industry's best lumens per package, highest light density (lumens per mm2), and the highest packing density, LUXEON Rebel is ideal for both space-constrained and conventional solid-state lighting applications.

Advantages of LUXEON Rebel High-Power LED’s:

  • Delivers more useable light and higher flux density
  • Optimizes applications to reduce size and cost
  • Allows for tighter packing of LEDs for color mixing applications
  • Enables the engineering of more robust applications
  • Is usable with standard FR4 PCB technology
  • Simplifies manufacturing through the use of surface mount technology

The LUXEON Rebel is available in Cool-White, Neutral-White, Warm-White, Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Cyan, Red-Orange, Red and Amber.

Philips Lumileds is a leader in LED materials and LED packaging technologies and was the first manufacturer to offer a high power LED lighting device for solid state lighting

The LXML-PWC1-0090 LUXEON Rebel is a Cool-White power LED with a Minimum Luminous Flux of 90 lumens measured at 350mA and a Typical Luminous Flux of 160 lumens measured at 700mA.

Performance: The LXML-PWC1-0090 Cool-White power LED has a typical CCT of 6500K across a 4500K to 10,000K range, and a typical CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 70. The typical Forward Voltage is 3.15 Volts (V) measured at 350mA.

The LXML-PWC1-0090 emits a Lambertian beam, suitable for use with commercially available optical systems.  The typical viewing angle is 140 degrees (total angle at which 90% of total luminous flux is captured).

White LUXEON Rebel Emitters are tested and binned by x and y coordinates within a correlated color temperature on the CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram.

Technology: The LXML-PWC1-0090 cool-white LUXEON Rebel is built with blue Indium-Gallium-Nitride (InGaN) LED chips with a phosphor coating to create white light. LUXEON® LEDs use a patented conformal phosphor coating process that uniformly coats the LED with phosphor. This eliminates the blue-ring effect common to other white LEDs and delivers the consistent white color throughout the light beam making LUXEON® the best white LED lighting source available today.

In the manufacturing of semiconductor products, there is a variation of performance around the average values given in the technical data sheets. For this reason, Philips Lumileds bins the LED components for luminous flux, color and forward voltage (Vf).  All LED’s packaged within a reel are of the same three variable bin combination.

Note: Although several bins are outlined, product availability in a particular bin varies by production run and by product performance. Not all bins are available in all colors. To verify high volume supportability of parts chosen for your application design, please consult your Philips Lumileds/Future Lighting Solutions sales representative.

Without power, LED die within different reels may appear visually different. LUXREBwhite

For a sample of suitable Rebel Optics please refer to the Related Product Tab above.  To browse all of Future's Optical product click here.

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Mfr Part#: LXML-PWC1-0090
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Available In: Cut Tape

LUXEON Rebel SMT High Power LED Emitter Cool White Lambertian 350 mA 90 lm Min


Technical Specifications:

Application: Family: Type of White: Color: Radiation Pattern: Flux: Test Current: Forward (Drive) Current: Forward Voltage:
Bollard/Canopy/Downlight/Emergency Vehicle Lighting/High Bay/Low Bay/Outdoor Wall Pack/Parking Lot/Portable/Retrofit Bulb/Spotlight/Streetlight Luxeon Rebel Cool White Lambertian 90 lm 350 mA 1000 mA 3 V
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