Carclo-Optics has always been at the leading edge of optical technology since its foundation in 1936; such development has seen them placed at the forefront of its class. Today Carclo-Optics boasts unrivalled expertise in optical design and manufacture.

To produce smooth circular beams with FWHM angular widths between 12 and 35 degrees a Total Internal Reflecting (TIR) optic is the optimum solution. To produce elliptical beams the TIR optics are available with a linear ripple surface that generates an even intensity line. The classic 20mm diameter range of TIR optics are available for a wide range of LED types.

By using a proprietary frosted surface on the front of the optics Carclo are able to vary the angular beam width while maintaining a smooth profile without compromising the optical efficiency. Elliptical beams are created through the use of linear ripple profiles moulded on the top surface of the TIR optics. A range of larger 26.5mm diameter TIR optics is designed to produce narrow divergence output beams.

Manufactured in lens quality polycarbonate, Carclo‟s TIR optics have much higher temperature resistance than acrylic optics, (up to 125C compared with 95C) and carry a UL rating. These one piece optics are tough and impact resistant but precautions should be taken to prevent them from coming in to contact with organic solvents or vapour


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Mfr Part#: 10071
Available In: TRAY

LUXEON Rebel 1 Star 19.9 mm Side Emitting Elliptical Optic TIR


Technical Specifications:

Radiation Pattern: Lens Shape: Diameter:
Side Emitting Round 20 mm
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