Remote Phosphor

Remote phosphor technology is another approach you can take in creating your LED lighting application. The technology of remote phosphor light source element is achieved by bonding phosphor to a substrate, instead of incorporating it into the LED die package. Combining the remote phosphor plate with Royal Blue LEDs, and a mixing chamber, white light can be achieve with no visible point sources. This approach provides a low glare system capable or higher system efficiency, increase reliability and less color shift over time.

Below you will find further details on the various components needed to form your remote phosphor solution, including:


How it Works:

ChromaLit leverages a phosphor composite precisely layered onto a substrate, separated from the blue LED energy source. The independent phosphor emits light when excited by blue light. Because the phosphor has been separated from the energy source and can now be made in any shape and any color, unidirectional light, hot spots, inconsistency and design limitations are no longer SSL challenges.

  • Standard offering of round, square and linear products
  • Customizable shape, size and CCT
  • Custom saturated colors available
  • Glare free and uniform light quality
  • Consistent color matching
  • High CRI
  • Unprecedented design freedom for solid state lighting products and systems
  • Up to 30% higher system efficacy compared to conventional LED lighting designs
  • Streamlined supply and production of luminaires
ChromaLit Linear enables new and creative designs for high lumen area and decorative lighting systems. Combining the benefits of remote phosphor with a unique delivery system. ChromaLit Linear delivers the uniform, glare free, color consistent lighting associated with remote phosphor systems with the additional benefit of a clean and familiar off state white appearance.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lead Free

The ChromaLit 2D family offers 110 standard options in optimal shapes for a wide range of lighting applications. These 110 standard options can be viewed in the Intematix Product Selector Guide.
For more information on Intematix’ Intellectual Property Portfolio and their ChromaLit IP Position Statement, click here."

Intematix’ newest product is the ChromaLit XT. It leverages a neutral off-state color, is scratch resistant and is made from high temperature glass. In addition to this, it enables your product to be UL, is UV proof and is capable of being leveraged in outdoor applications.

Intematix' also offers a wide range of 3D products, including the ChromaLit Ellipse, Candle and Dome remote phosphor light sources which enables brighter, more energy efficient LED bulbs and lighting fixtures by providing wide angle lighting distribution, improved light quality, and greater design freedom. They are offered in a variety of lumen levels for applications in indoor and outdoor general lighting, decorative and retrofit light bulb designs.


- LED Retrofit ligh bulbs - Portable consumer lighting - Downlights
- Pendants - Chandelier & decorative - Wall Sconces


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